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Pond Chemical Balancing & Water Treatments

Perfect Ponds experts can help you with chemical balancing of both new ponds to avoid that ‘new pond syndrome’ and also established ponds that need a little help with eco-balancing for optimum water quality and healthy fish.

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Why Choose Us For Pond Water Chemical Balancing

We'll Keep Your Pond Or Lake Water In Excellent Condition

With 30+ years experience managing ponds and lakes, we understand how pond ecosystems work. When a water feature is first installed there’s a natural process for the ecosystems within it. Your pond water, aquatic plants and fish all need time for everything to adjust to the new environment. We can help you balance the water in your pond and keep it in excellent condition with regular maintenance. Our experts can visit your property to assess the water, advise and carry out chemical balancing, pond cleaning and algae removal.

Pond bacteria under microscope

Managing Pond Water Balance

  • Monitor water chemistry: PH, ammonia, nitrite, ammonia, alkalinity
  • Perform a pond water change or clean the pond as required
  • Add,  remove, trim and maintain pond plants as required
  • Skim the pond surface and bottom to remove debris
  • Add water treatments and de-chlorinator as needed
  • Remove excess algae from the pond and waterfalls
  • Monitor fish health and remove diseased fish

Water Garden Eco-Systems

Successful pond maintenance to create a balanced ecosystem is not easy! We carry out a number of activities to ensure the perfect chemical balance for your pond, including algae removal, the presence of which may indicate an existing natural imbalance. In addition to regular water testing and monitoring, both plants and fish should be inspected to ensure they are healthy. Luckily chemical treatments are available to stimulate improved biological filtration and ensure your pond remains beautiful for years to come.

removing blanket weed algae from a garden pond
Feeding Koi

Water Treatments & Fish

Water treatments vary. We usually recommend natural beneficial bacteria based treatments. Beneficial bacterial dissolves pond sludge while lowering water nutrient levels, to help control algae and improve water quality. This is very important if your pond is home to fish. Other treatments include adding salt or fish health medications and fish-safe algicides for extreme algae problems. We have the expertise to assess your pond and inhabitants, diagnose the problem, and treat it effectively.

Pond Aeration & Filtration

We can rectify problems and take care of pond aeration and filtration maintenance for you – both crucial for a healthy fish pond, lowering algae levels and increasing oxygen levels. Ponds can be aerated via fountains, waterfalls or pond bed aerators. Inadequate filtration results in poor quality cloudy water. We can assess your pond to check if it is adequately aerated and filtered, and / or overstocked with fish. We can advise on mechanical filtration to extract waste, and natural plant filtration methods to absorb it, or both.

waterfall aeration and aquatic plant filtration
frogs eggs

Managing Aquatic Life

Managing aquatic life is a big part of keeping a healthy pond. Many pond owners love fish so much they overstock their pond. An overstocked pond is almost impossible to maintain without a professional filtration system. Pond plants are a great option where mechanical filtration is inadequate. Pond plants absorb excess nutrients from the water, resulting in less algae and clearer water. Ponds that use natural filtration methods can support a wide range of pond-life, including invertebrates, insects and frogs.

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