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A pond is more than just a water body. It’s the heart of your garden. Perfect Ponds are your local experts in the design and installation of ponds, lakes and elegant water features that make the best use of your available outdoor space. Over the years Perfect Ponds has completed many ponds, water featured and landscaping projects, including ornamental ponds, specialist Koi ponds and natural ponds / lakes.

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With An Established Customer Base

From Natural Ponds & Waterfalls to Formal Pools & Fountains

With 50 regular customers and many ponds under our belt, our lake and garden pond design & installation team are experienced in building all types and styles of water feature, so whatever type of pond are you want, Perfect Ponds can help. If you’re not sure what you want, we can advise you on what would best suit your garden and lifestyle, from traditional and natural ponds at one with nature, to contemporary and ‘designer’ ponds sure to make you the envy of all your friends. If you already know what your ideal pond should look like, great! Not only can Perfect Ponds create it for you, but we’ll also aim to exceed your expectations to make your dream pond a reality.

natural rock waterfalll pond

Natural Pond Design

We’re experienced in building eco-friendly ‘in-ground’ natural ponds designed to blend with their surroundings and encourage wildlife, using traditional materials such as rocks, pebbles, stone and timber. Best suited to a country garden environment, natural pond styles include:

  • Bog and water gardens
  • Wildlife and plant ponds
  • Water gardens and streams
  • Cascading waterfall rockeries
  • Specialist Koi and deep fish ponds

Natural Swimming Ponds

Environmentally friendly, chemical-free natural swimming pools are gaining popularity. We offer a comprehensive natural swimming pond or pool design and build service, often work closely with landscapers, builders, architects and homeowners. Services typically include:

  • Natural swimming pool design & build
  • Turn-key & self-build swim pond kits
  • Site surveys and swim pond liners
  • Filtration systems & equipment
  • Swimming pool conversions
swimming pond
formal Koi pond

Formal Pond Design

Urban gardens often lend themselves to more contemporary styled formal ponds, characterised by geometric circular or rectangular outlines, built using materials such as slate, marble, brick, metal and glass, with innovative designed fountains or spills. Formal pond styles include:

  • Pondless and wall waterfalls
  • Ornamental ponds and fountains
  • Raised, sunken and split-level ponds
  • Formal ponds set within patio / decking
  • Specialist Koi ponds with professional filtration

Large Lake Design & Build

Perfect Ponds also builds new large lakes. If you’ve got the space and would like to add a lake to your grounds, we provide a complete lake construction and maintenance service, including design and build, filtration / bog planting, aeration, water treatments, fish stocking and aftercare.

  • Lake design, planning and construction
  • Lake aeration, fountains and geysers
  • Natural swimming pond lakes
  • Lake dredging and aftercare
  • Lake water treatments
large lake with fountain aeration filtration system
small fountain pond

Small Water Features

Whether you’re planning a new pond or refurbishment of an old one, we can help. No matter how small your garden, there’s a pond for you. We can create a small raised or sunken pond in contemporary style, or a pondless water feature, designed to fit the smallest garden.

  • Wall waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Classic tiered fountains
  • Fountain pots and fire pits
  • Patio fountains and spitters

Pond & Water Garden Design Inspiration

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Servicing Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & throughout the UK

Design & Install

With 30+ years experience in design & installation of ponds, lakes and water features, Perfect Ponds has completed 30 ornamental ponds and 10 specialist Koi ponds to date.


Hard Landscaping

Not just rockeries and waterfalls! From patios & pergolas to decking & driveways, our garden construction team can landscape your garden to compliment your pond.


Pond Maintenance

Perfect Ponds provide one-off + seasonal pond care for your unique water feature, from pond & filtration system cleaning to water treatment and visual fish health checks.


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