Pond Filtration Maintenance

Pond Filtration & Pump Cleaning & Maintenance in Beds, Bucks, Herts & Beyond

To ensure your pond water always stays crystal clear, the specialists at Perfect Ponds, offer regular pond pump + filtration system cleaning, maintenance and servicing in Beds, Bucks, Herts and beyond.

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Complete Pond Equipment Maintenance

Aeration Pump & filtration systems cleaning

To look its best, your pond requires regular care and maintenance. Pond care includes water treatments, aeration, filtration and aquatic life management. Careful attention to all 4 elements ensures the pond remains aesthetically pleasing while maintaining healthy plant and fish life. If your pond has a filtration system, chances are it will need periodic cleaning to ensure your pond water stays clear. Perfect Ponds offer expert one-off and regular cleaning and maintenance of all your pond equipment to ensure it continues to keep working effectively.

large lake with fountain aeration filtration system

Pond Filtration Systems Care

  • Pump and filtration systems advice
  • One-of and regular equipment maintenance
  • Overall equipment and electrical safety checks
  • Pond pumps checked, cleaned and serviced
  • Filters and skimmers cleaned and serviced
  • UV lights checked, cleaned and bulb changed
  • Fountain and waterfall pumps cleaned and serviced

Specialist Pond Filtration Systems

Perfect Ponds has built many water features over the years, including ornamental ponds and specialist Koi ponds, so we understand which pond filtration systems are best suited to different types of pond – from ornamental ponds to natural wildlife ponds – especially Koi ponds where optimal water filtration is essential and should be given top priority. Our experienced team  can advise on and install new and replacement equipment where necessary, to ensure your pond continues to give you pleasure for years to come.

koi pond filtration system
green pond water

Pond Cleaning & Care

Perfect Ponds also provide pond cleaning and maintenance to remove organic waste build up which discolours the water and potentially harms fish and wildlife, along with any required chemical balancing water treatments, fish visual health checks and advice, pond plant care, and last but not least, leak detection and repairs.

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Design & Install

With 30+ years experience in design & installation of ponds, lakes and water features, Perfect Ponds has completed 30 ornamental ponds and 10 specialist Koi ponds to date.


Hard Landscaping

Not just rockeries and waterfalls! From patios & pergolas to decking & driveways, our garden construction team can landscape your garden to compliment your pond.


Pond Maintenance

Perfect Ponds provide one-off + seasonal pond care for your unique water feature, from pond & filtration system cleaning to water treatment and visual fish health checks.


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