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Pond Cleaning & Water Treatments in Beds, Bucks, Herts & Beyond

Keeping your pond water clean and clear is important, regardless of whether your pond is home to fish or not. Perfect Ponds provide one-off, regular and annual pond cleaning and maintenance services to maintain water quality, remove organic waste build up which discolours the water and potentially harms fish and wildlife.

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Why It's Important To Keep Your Pond Water Clean

Is Your Pond Water Crystal Clear?

Ponds and water features are a great way to make the most of your garden. It’s well known that proximity to water, especially running water, has a relaxing and therapeutic effect. But along with its benefits, ponds can also have problems, the biggest of which for most ponds is algae and an accumulation of leaf debris, which not only looks unsightly, but can also be damaging to fish and wildlife. When ponds aren’t kept clean, the fish can become diseased, your water clarity and quality will degrade and algae will thrive, robbing your plants of nutrients.

Is Your Pond Water Green?

Regular pond cleaning will keep it free of algae growth and a build-up of leaves and debris. The frequency of pond cleaning required for a healthy pond and to keep algae and debris in check depends on the size of pond, number of fish, filtration system installed and amount of debris. Some ponds only need an annual clean, while others need quarterly cleaning. Generally you can tell if your pond needs cleaning just by looking at it. If you have a build-up of debris or your water cloudy, it’s probably time it was cleaned.

Koi Pond Cleaning & Care

Dedicated koi ponds are designed with specialist filter systems that, when specified and installed properly,  rarely need cleaning. However, a water garden with too many fish and less than optimal filtration may need cleaning twice a year! We offer professional advice and will work with you to determine how often your pond needs cleaning, and if possible how to reduce the frequency. We also advise you on water chemical balancing and water treatments if your pond is stocked with fish.

clear pond water with koi fish

Our Professional Pond Cleaning Procedure

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Before pond cleaning After pond cleaninng

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Pond and water feature cleaning and maintenance is not an easy task and is a job better left to the professionals. Our pond cleaning procedure is professional, thorough, and will leave your pond looking brand new. At the same time as cleaning your pond, we can also carry out any necessary pond liner repairs, filter & pump maintenance, advise on chemical balancing / pond water treatments if required, and do a visual fish health check. Your fish will thank you when they’re returned to a crystal-clear pond!

  • If there are fish, we pump pond water into aerated temporary holding tubs
  • Drain pond to level where fish can be caught, causing minimal stress
  • Carefully transfer fish to holding tubs using a net/koi sock/fish bags
  • Closely monitor fish to keep them safe during pond cleaning process
  • Cover tubs tightly with netting to prevent fish from jumping out
  • Backwash/rinse any filters with pond water to preserve beneficial bacteria
  • Drain the rest of the water from pond, to prepare for power washing
  • Trim back any overgrown or browning plants to encourage new growth
  • Remove excessive algae or large leaf debris from by hand or with a net
  • Power wash the pond to remove all stains or algae build-up on rocks
  • Hose rinse as necessary and remove excess sludge with a pond vacuum
  • Remove sludge from skimmers + clean / replace waterfall filters as required
  • Re-position any rocks, plants, lights and air-lines moved during cleaning
  • Fill the pond with fresh water + add de-chlorinator to protect aquatic life.
  • Gradually acclimatise fish to new water / temperature, in the tubs
  • Add beneficial bacteria and water treatment for optimal conditions
  • Clean up the area, and watch the fish happily swim in their clean pond

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