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Professional pond maintenance services throughout Beds, Bucks, Herts & Beyond

Perfect Ponds are experts in the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of ponds, lakes and elegant water features. Over the years Perfect Ponds has completed many ponds, water features and landscaping projects including many ornamental ponds, specialist Koi ponds and natural ponds and lakes.

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Regular Pond Care & Maintenance Is Essential

We'll maintain your pond to ensure it looks gorgeous all year round

Maintaining a great-looking pond all year round requires work. For most busy pond owners this generally means availing themselves of professional pond care services. Having constructed countless water features over the years, our expert team also provide one-off and seasonal pond maintenance services for 50 regular customers’ unique water features. Perfect Ponds has been providing exceptional pond care services in throughout the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire area for over 19 years.

A Pond We Maintain For A Client

We’ve been maintaining this beautiful large Koi pond for a client near Bedford for a number of years now. Beautiful isn’t it! Can you picture a pond as well cared-for as this in your outside space?  Perfect Ponds have the team, expertise, equipment, passion and creativity to maintain both large and small ponds and water features to the highest standards.

Is YOUR pond looking it's best?

Our Pond Maintenance Services

Complete Pond Care Packages For Ponds Pumps Plants & Fish!

Pond Cleaning

Part of having a healthy pond is having it cleaned periodically. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will be subject to algae growth and the build-up of leaves and debris. We provide a complete pond cleaning service and can also check for and repair any leaks found while the pond is drained. Your fish will thank you when they can enjoy swimming in a pond with clean clear water!

Pond Cleaning
clear pond water with koi fish

Pond Filter Maintenance

If your pond has a filtration system, chances are it will need periodic servicing and cleaning to ensure your pond water stays clear. We provide an expert maintenance service for all your pond equipment, including filters, pumps and aeration to ensure the systems that keep your pond water clean and clear and maintain a healthy water balance for fish and other wildlife.


Plant Care & Pruning

We help you select and care for the right combination of beautiful pond plants to increase the appeal of your property while also providing oxygenation and filtration to naturally improve water quality and maintain a healthier balanced pond environment, with less algae.

Plant Care
deep water emergent plants - water lily
fish health checks

Fish Health Checks

Perfect Ponds provide a range of fish health and safety services. Our team has the skills to clean and balance the water in your pond and to better care for your fish, offering visual fish health checks and advice to clients so you can better manage your pond throughout the ever-changing seasons. Get in touch with the team today and arrange a visit to your pond.

Fish Health

Water Treatments

Perfect Ponds experts can help you with water treatments using both chemical balancing and natural filtration methods for both new ponds to avoid that ‘new pond syndrome’ and also established ponds that need a little help with eco-balancing for optimum water quality and healthy fish.

Water Treatments
frog swimming in pond water treatments

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Servicing Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & throughout the UK

Design & Install

With 30+ years experience in design & installation of ponds, lakes and water features, Perfect Ponds has completed 30 ornamental ponds and 10 specialist Koi ponds to date.


Hard Landscaping

Not just rockeries and waterfalls! From patios & pergolas to decking & driveways, our garden construction team can landscape your garden to compliment your pond.


Pond Maintenance

Perfect Ponds provide one-off + seasonal pond care for your unique water feature, from pond & filtration system cleaning to water treatment and visual fish health checks.


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