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Perfect Ponds provide a range of fish health and safety services. Our team has the skills to clean your pond and care for your fish, offering fish health advice to clients so you can better manage your pond throughout the ever-changing seasons. Get in touch with the team today and arrange a visit to your pond.

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Are Your Fish Healthy Or Gasping For Breath?

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

For fish enthusiasts with a beautiful fish pond, the worst thing that can happen is for your fish to become diseased, threatening your whole fish stock. Perfect Ponds are very knowledgeable about fish ailments. Whether you’re experiencing a full-on pond emergency or are just starting to see the onset of fish problems, let us help you tackle the problem quickly and effectively. We can identify disease in your fish, rectify immediate urgent problems, and advise you on basic pond care to avoid similar problems in future.

6 Common Fish Problems That Could Affect Your Pond

Lightbulb moments - ah so that's what that xxx is stuck on my fish!!!

We arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to identify the most common fish ailments and ensure an optimal living environment for your fish – from goldfish to Koi. Here they are – in no particular order.

fish bacteria

Bacterial Infection

If your fish are having a bacterial infection they may appear lethargic and display a lack of appetite. Their colour may also become pale, and it’s highly likely that you’ll see skin ulcers or skin haemorrhages on your fish. Although most bacterial infections can be treated effectively, you must not neglect the symptoms.

Anchor Worms

Have you seen tiny green or red worms attached to your fish? Or have you spotted ulcers on your fish? If so, this may be a case of anchor worms. Your fish may also look like they are having difficulties breathing as well as performing constant rubbing or flashing.

fish anchor worms
fish fungus

Fish Fungus

Have several of your fish died simultaneously in your pond? Or have you noticed that your fish look stressed and have mucus-looking substance on their gills? This could be caused by fungus. Another tell-tale sign of fungal attack is when your fish change colour.

Fish Parasites

There are a number of symptoms that can provide evidence of the fact that skin parasites are hurting your fish. Look out for lethargic-looking fish,  frequent gill movements, ulcers and sores, or a milky look on your fish. If you notice any of these, it’s possible that you have harmful skin parasites in your pond.

fish parasites
fish lice

Fish Lice

If your fish seem to display heightened stress levels and constantly rub themselves against objects, this can mean that you have a case of fish lice in your pond. Fish lice will also cause fish to develop open wounds as well as tiny black or red spots on the skin.

Fish Viruses

If your fish have an enlarged spleen or kidney, develop lesions on their gills, display ascites (a distended or swollen body with protruding scales also known as Dropsy due to a build up of fluid in its body cavity and internal organs), or a darker change in skin colour, these are all signs that can point to a possible case of virus attack on your fish.

Koi fish virus

Professional Tips For A Healthy Fish Pond

Some Things You Can Do Yourself - Others Are Best Left To The Professionals...

  • Don’t add fish to a brand-new fish pond immediately
  • Quarantine new fish before adding to a stocked fish pond
  • Avoid over-stocking with too many fish for the pond size
  • Avoid over-feeding your fish which also affects water quality
fish health checks
  • Change pond water regularly to ensure optimum water quality / balancing
  • Pay attention to regular pond and filtration cleaning and maintenance
  • Test ammonia, nitrite & nitrate levels regularly + apply treatments if required
  • Inspect pond plant health and remove blanket weed and algae regularly

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